There are several gold processing operations requiring activated carbons: 

  • CIP (Carbon in Pulp): Gold Pulp is mixed with sodium cyanide, then is contacted with activated carbon in a series of large agitated adsorption tanks 
  • CIL (Carbon in Leach): Similar to CIP but leaching and adsorption occur simultaneously 
  • CIC (Carbon in Column) for Heap leaching: Dilute cyanide solution percolate over a heap of crushed ores and is then pumped through activated carbon columns.

Our special range of products benefit the gold recovery process through:

  • Accelerated adsorption kinetics
  • High capacity for loading gold
  • Extremely low soluble gold losses
  • Exceptional resistance to attrition
  • Negligible level of carbon losses
  • Uniform activation of grains
  • Low rate of adsorption deterioration during regeneration cycles

Carbon Regeneration in Gold Recovery:
To improve the economical use of activated carbon in gold recovery processes, attention should be drawn to proper acid washing and efficient regeneration. Thermal regenerations’ only objective is to remove the organics loaded on carbon and it has thus to be temperature controlled to avoid over burning.