Our activated carbon is used in water projects to treat contamination from landfills, to remove dissolved organic compounds and ill biodegradable compounds.

Point of Use and Point of Entry: The quality of the water from various supplies can vary according to the geographical area. We supply a full range of grades for this application, including silver-impregnated carbons to reduce microbial contamination.

Point of Entry: Our carbon is also used in the POE systems that purify the water from excessive chlorine, micropollutants, lead and improves the taste and odour where water needs to be treated according to the preferences of individuals.

We have a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, where we can amend and produce the activated carbon size according to the demand and need of the client within the desired parameters.

Our activated carbon is NSF approved for offering in Asia and other International Markets.

WASTEWATER TREATMENT: Our activated carbon helps state wastewater treatment plants to meet stringent, regulatory criteria by removing pathogens, oxygen demanding compounds, and synthetic inorganic contamination.

Activated carbon is used to adsorb non-biodegradable compounds to support the microorganisms that break down organic wastes.

GAC and PAC based processes are applied depending upon the treatment criteria.